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Hello again... it seems like i've been posting quite a bit today!

I have une question for all of you people out there. I am going to the derm tomorrow and am DESPERATE, DESPERATE, DESPERATE for something that will work for me. Most recently, the derm placed me on Tazorac, which was *murder* on my skin. It ended up about ten times worse than when I started it. I was on that for a little over 8 weeks with *no* sign of improvement...
I took myself off of it, and my face *has* improved since then, but it is by NO means wonderful. I need your advice. I know that everyone is different, but what are some things that have really worked for all of you? What are some *fast* remedies, or remedies that can be used together to counteract some of the breakout periods? I am going back to school in FIVE days (ack!) and even if my acne calmed down about 30% more, I would be in 7th heaven. are the things that I have tried in the past. If any of you can find some pattern or think you might have some good ideas, shoot. I have tried: -Accutane (2 times, worked well for only a short time after treatment)
-Minocin (has worked beautifully in the past, but i think its effects are dwindling)
-Differin (worked well the first time I used it, did nothing the second time)
-Stevamycin (worked well the first time i used it, did nothing the second time)
-Tetracycline (did nothing)
-Tazorac (YUCK!, *sputter*)
-Diane-35 (am using it now.....has obviously not kicked in too much, yet..have been using for 8 weeks)
-Clindamycin (sp?? did nothing)
-Retin-A (I don't think i had very good luck with this)
-Benzamyacin (I think it worked, but I couldn't really tell since I was using it when the minocin was working for me, and my face was always clear because of the pills)

*sigh* I'm out of ideas.. It seems as though I have tried everything in the book and am still suffering! I have asked my derm about spiro. a few times, but she is reluctant to prescribe it since she says it can effect child bearing potential in the future. Right now i am taking lots of B5 (4grams), Acidophilus, Milk Thistle, and tonnes of other vitamins/minerals. I am gluten intolerant, so I stay away from that, and I don't eat any dairy foods.

What would you all recommend? I have been thinking about asking to go back on Accutane (but it is iffy) and Retin-A Micro and or/benzamyacin. What do you all think of this?!?

Please help? I have been in tears all day and I feel pretty down.. Any advice or kind words welcome.

Hang in there everyone,

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