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i've yet to know... or better yet, SEE a good lookin girl go out w/ a guy w/ acne or acne scars. (celebrities/sports athletes, etc excluded).

it may be very noble to state that what matters is on the inside and not the outside, but when it really comes down to it, everyone wants to have a good looking, sexually attractive partner. would you girls date igor the hunchback from notre dame (or whatever his name is) if he was the greatest most fantabulous person in the whole wide world if he still looked like he does?

it definitely wont hurt if you saved up to get some treatments on your acne/scars... but not necessary for you to enjoy your life. i just think you will have a much more 'active' and much more enjoyable lifestyle if you didnt have to deal w/ acne scars.

and before anyone replies to my post as being shallow and superficial, keep in mind that we are all here to try and find solutions to acquire/maintain a healthy and attractive appearance free from acne and acne scars. if personality and inner well-being was such an important factor, i doubt this board would get this much traffic.

just my 0.02


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