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I am a 19 year old male with moderate to severe acne on my face, chest, back, and it now seems to be spreading to my apper arms. I have asked my doctors for accutane but they wont give it to me. I have tried Differen, Retin-A, Benzomyacin, Minocycline, Salycilic Acid Soaps. Even some herbal washes that I found in my grandmothers recipe box, which oddly enough seemed to work the best out of all of them, but, not well enough. I have had this problem since i was 15, and it is starting to affect my career. I am an actor and have been told, if you want to be in this business get clear skin.
Even with all of this, my doctors wont prescribe it. Is this because I was severely depressed at one point in my life? I have done the anit-depressants, and therapy thing, and have dealt with my issues, but is the depression the reasone why my doctors wont prescribe it? My friend, walked into his doctors office said he wanted acutane and after a blood test, was on it. Whay is it so difficult for me? Any help would be appreciated.

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