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Hello, I just want to share a regimen that has worked so far for me. I don't know if it will be useful at all, but here goes:

I have mild-moderate acne on face and chest, severe on back. The problem is the acne is not hideous to look at on face and chest (the back is hideous though), but they have always left dark brown hyperpigmentation/scars. No ice-picks or anything like that, just really bad discoloration of skin. And I've had acne and scarring since I was 12-13 (21 yrs old now).

Here's what's working for me - pretty much got rid of the acne itself.
I wash my face with a generic very gentle cleanser 2x daily.
Morning: Use benzaclin (for acne), lusta (for dark spots), and azelec (for acne also) in combination with a sunscreen. no makeup (i.e foundation, powder) if I can help it. I know its a lotta goop on there, but the azelec helps in not making my face look like an oil pool - and u can use makeup over this cream.

Night: Benzaclin, Lusta in combo.

Also, I take Dynacin 2x daily. I started with 50mg for a month, moved to 75mg now, and will be moving to 75mg 1x day in a month (to ween myself off antibiotics). I also take ortho-tricyclin.

Results: I started this regimen 3 months back. Last month was my second visit to my derm. She was amazed. The acne/pimples itself on face were pretty much gone (very few left), chest and back - better but not like my face. So she upped the dynacin to 75mg. I went again to see her yesterday. Not as dramatic a change as the second visit, but much improvement also. My acne itself is pretty much all cleared up. Now I am left with the scars to find a solution for, but very rare and inconspicuous breakouts occur(yeay!). Note: I dont know if the ortho is doing anything, but I think what is working really well for me is the DYNACIN and BENZACLIN <--done wonders. The Lusta is doing nothing in my opinion, but maybe I should give it time. The Azalec cream - well, it lets me put make-up on when I need to.
Oh, and SPF 15 is in the regimen too :O)

hope, this helps someone.

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