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I thought I'd suggest some things that have helped me over the years with acne, scaring and oily skin. I've seen some of the best skin doctors including some at Johns Hopkins University for people who don't know, is one of the best hospitals in the world. I have a skin condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis which is a result of a nerve disease I have. Basically Seborrheic Dermatitis is a constant supply of oil to my skin(face only, no scalp problems). I've had this about 10 years so I know what it's like to have it and not deal with it. Theres no cure for it, I can just try to manage it. I'm 29 and 6'5" so I know as well as anyone how it feels to standout and having to deal with this stuff. I've been going to a dermatologist since I was in my early teens and I've tried almost everything out there. I can't remember using many products in stores, maybe some soaps. Sounds like alot of people on here are in there teens, early 20's who have the hormones thing to deal with which makes things difficult from the get-go. I don't have a severe problem with with acne now as I did in my teen years. I have some problems I've heard alot of people mention and some I haven't heard mentioned(haven't read every post). I have problems with scaring and I get the occasional black heads(there deep,not those little pimples). This may sound odd but because of my skin condition water can irritate my skin. My skin gets red and starts to itch and sometimes severely. I have a feeling some people over use medications and ontiments making things worse. I've done it with several products so I know what can happen. Heres some products I use that have helped.

Accutane - I see it mentioned ALOT in the post. I used the product when it first came out years ago. No doubt it works but I strongly suggest using it as a LAST RESORT! What people are saying about the dry eyes, lips, etc is all fact. It feels like your face is a sponge and someones squeezing ever drop of moisture out of your face. You can VERY easily get sunburned/wind burned when on that stuff. I never lost hair luckly. There can be a good many side effects, especially for women if there preganant if I remember correctly.

Retin A cream - I've used this for a long time off and on. I use .1% which is perscription, at least mine is. I think you can get it in stores but it may be a weaker product like .05%. For getting rid of scares I haven't found anything better. Doctors always tell me this is the best thing to use. Retin A is basically vitamin A in a tube. I've read some people had trouble with Retin A, it made them break out worse. I never had this problem but it can happen and usually does when you start using it but over time things get much better. Don't over use it, it can cause peeling and redness. A little goes a long ways.

Nizirol - I use 2% which is a perscription, this year or last it became available in stores I believe but I think it's a weaker product. Perscriptions are usually stronger which is why you need the perscription. The weaker stuff may help some but it's not strong enough for my needs. I can use this a couple of days but then my skin gets irritated(to dry), I have to use a steriod cream to do damage control before my face turns red and itches like crazy. This is one of the best if not the best soaps out there but can be to strong for some people.

Aquanil(lotion) - This is a product I don't think I've ever seen mentioned under skin problem post. It's a over the counter product which you can get at Drug Emporium or K-Mart from my experience. Usually they have to order it which takes a day or 2. This soap is made for VERY sensative skin. It looks and feels just like Cetaphil but you DON'T have to use water with this soap. I use this everyday. You use it like regular soap but you can wipe it off with tissues or toilet paper(can use water). It works great and doesn't irritate your skin. I wouldn't say it's as strong as Nizoral but when choices are limited this stuff is great. Mine was about $11.00 for a 16oz pump bottle. The bottle last a good while.

Hydrocortisone ointment 2.5% - This is basically a steriod cream for damage control. If my face starts to get red, itch and dry out I use this and it works great. Mines a perscription but you may be able to get it in stores but I doubt it. It's not good to use steriod creams constantly. Over time it can cause thining of the skin so only use it when you have to.

DesOwen lotion .05% - This is a VERY fine (very little substance to it) lotion which is great for easily irritated skin. It doesn't build up on the skin like some lotions and is very easy to work in the skin. This is a perscription but you may be able to get this in stores, not sure.

Seban cleasing pads (60 pads)- I know alot of people are familar with Oxy pads but the problem with those pads and most like them in stores is they have to much alcohol in them. Thats what drys your pimples up but it also drys your skin out and irritates it. Seban pads work the same way as those brands but there made for sensative skin and work great. They don't dry your skin out like most store bought brands.Seban pads are over the counter but you don't need a perscription. There made by Cabot out of Morgan Hill, California. They cost about $6. Drug Emporium had some trouble getting them at one time because the company quit making them for a little while but but I got some about 6 months ago. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to get them in.

I've seen other products mentioned such as Differin (sp)which is a good product but didn't work for me. I've used tons of other products over the years, most prescription and these are the products I come back to. A few other comments. Doctors always say foods can't make your acne worse but that's a totally false for me. If I eat chocalate, oily foods (chips)or nuts I'm 100% guaranteed to get at least one pimple. Another thing that makes my acne worse is defintely stress. I hope this helped someone.

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