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Hang Tough
Mar 16, 2001
To all my young friends,
___I grew up poor, and on social security, and with my wife's heart condition, I still am.
___I was in the Marines in Korea, the forgotten war. 37000 died and 8000 MIA's iIN ONLY THREE YEARS. I learned to pray there.
___My first son was born retarded.
___My baby daughter died.
___My only living daughter came down with epilepsy at 16.
___My first marraige failed.
___I had a terrible skin cancer (fibrosa fasceala) On my face. It was removed three times and came back. The doctors wanted to remove a major part of my face and replace it with skin from my butt. I prayed....hard... and for some reason, three chemicals came to my mind. I blended them and applied them to the lesions on my face, and chest..they went away. When I tried to give the formulation to my deramtologist and an oncologist, they told me they would go to jail if they used it..I can't even give it away.
___My wife came down with diabetes; then she came down with a heart attack at age 50. She had bypasses, and within three months, she had another heart attack. The doc's said she had three months to live.. I prayed again...hard. I came away with another med that no one knows about. I gave it to her, and her cholesterol fell and her health came up to almost normal. That's why I post on the cholesterol diabetes boards. I figure God gave me the med to use and I should share with others. Although my wife has a damaged heart, she looks and feels normal, and better each day. And for this I thank God.
___And I had acne like AngelaMDarling while in the Marines. A friend had it worse, all over his back and chest. I used to smear sulpher ointment on his bumps..(it's all they had then).
___I've said all this to let you know that bad things happen here and now, and you have to ask for help now and then. But the Lord said his Father fed the birds and animals, but he didn't say he rolled the rocks over for them to get the food. You have to keep trying to find the answer, even when your doctor hasn't got it. I write this in hopes that you will understand that life is a proving ground, and it's rough. You young people are the hopes of the world, and are invaluable to us old ones..You'll have to use what we've done good to fix our mistakes, long after I'm gone. I know you get down while your young in the small world known as school or college. When you walk out at graduation, you'll be facing a big world that can be as beautiful as you can make it. But you won't make it beautiful without following the footsteps of the most beautiful person that ever walked this earth..Miracles do happen. Lol and God bless,

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