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Re: Sugar
Mar 10, 2001
Wow...thanks for clearing that up! I was like woah...this box of raisins has more sugar in it than a fricken candy bar! And cereal and stuff like Oatmeal Crisp Raisin...(this is real god) has lots of sugar...but its just sweetened flakes w/ oats and it has good stuff in it so I think its ok to eat too! I have been doing pretty well with my diet...I had a cherry muffin the other day, but atleast it wasn't a cup cake! I eat rice, chicken, pasta, crackers, rice cakes, lots of fruit, carrots, fruit rolls, raisins, bagels, pita, cheese (*not too often) ...stuff like that and its really not that hard. Sometimes i am tempted to eat something....and i'll have it on my fork..and then will be like NO and stop atleast i have the will power! Its not only for acne...its to stay healthy also. I'm into a major health kick now! Anyways...take care all! SKIM MILK bad for you ?(could it cause acne) I have heard of like 2% and whole milk doing it but what about skim...I haven't had milk in i can't even tell you..i eat my cereal w/out it now because i don't want it to cause me to break out. Sorry so long!

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