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Re: Age & acne
Oct 9, 2001
Im 20, and i have had acne since i was like 13. But around 19 i started getting cystic acne, and around 20 well around now, i am getting acne all over my neck, which is apparently linked to hormones. I have been on birth control ( Alesse) for close to 5 years now, and that has improved it, and about 1 year ago i started taking B-5, which could be the cause of the cysts- but it has helped greatly with the oil. I think i will struggle with acne forever, my aunt has bad acne still, and she is in her late 40's. Of course she also has a serious picking problem, and i think this could lead to more serious acne, but her skin also is quite oily still. But my mom stopped having acne when she was in her 30's and my brother, stopped getting acne when he was in his 20's so i dont know. Its a pretty scary thought. Im just glad that i have created the best skin care routine for myself i have ever had.
I wash with phisoderm- sensitive dry to normal skin, with added moisturizers. I never use medicated products on my face. And i use a glycolic acid peel mask once a week.
My theory is that , treating my skin like dry to normal skin, instead of treating it like oily skin, eventually made it become dry to normal skin. Of course i still get the oilies, but for that i just use clean and clear blotting papers. my skin may be shiny, but at least it is generally clear.

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