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Well, Kat, I guess I'll try to defend you a bit if I can. I feel what Kat was trying
to get across before you jumped down her throat was that Accutane can have bad side affects on people so it's best to be sure you really are willing to take the risk of these affects before you take it. I know Acne is a horrible problem ( yes, I have it too) but you should always ask yourself if your health is at risk "is it worth it?" You can't argue that point!! Accutane is NOT for everyone, especially those that are of childbearing years because your baby can be harmed badly, and nothing is worth that!! Anyway, I posted some things here, I know it's long but if your intertested in taking it, you should read the bad stuff as well!
(from an Acutane user): Acutane affects a small percentage of people emotionally, slightly increasing ones chances of suicide while on the drug. Two weeks into use I noticed a difference in my personality, and the problem worsened the longer I was taking it. After two months my skin dramatically improved, bordering on perfect quality, but I was shattered internally. I had become insanely self-conscious, concerned about being liked by everyone I encountered, I had no energy and headaches averaging every other day. My lowest point was when I started thinking that our dog stopped liking me. I was actually concerned about whether or not our DOG liked me, and it was a big deal when I came to the conclusion in my own mind, that she did not. I was incapable of functioning socially. I had just been putting up with the side effects because I feared if I stopped the treatment, my face would return to its original state.
If you are thinking about using Acutane or if your doctor is putting you on it - get another opinion!
(Another Acutane user): Sure, Acutane cures acne while your on it, your face is so dry, cracked and red there is no where for you to break out. Your face flakes off CONSTANTLY, if you're at school and accidentally touch your face, all of a sudden you look down and it is snowing. Its so bad it looks like you have white fuzz growing all over your face. The stares you get are much worse then if you just have zits. Once you start Acutane your life will be over. The color of your face will never match the color of the rest of your body. Your face will be purple and all of a sudden stop at your neck. Do you know how asinine that looks?! The new color of your face also brings out the white flakes nicely. And when its over, you're off the Acutane and your face has been permanently set as another color you will start breaking out again! I am 18 years old and have never had a girlfriend or many friends. I hide in my dark room and shout obscenities at God. It is Easter and tomorrow I have to go back to school from Spring Break. I've spent all morning staring into the mirror at my multi-colored-dried-out-zit-covered-****ed-up-face and you know, I'm not going to run around with lotions or moisturizers or seek the help of a parent to try to get my skin to settle down by tomorrow. Because nothing works, and I'm not even considered a person at school so why bother? I am a horribly disfigured freak. I've only been talking about Acutane and what it does for (or to) your appearance because that's what whoever is reading this is concerned about. But the pain is worth mentioning. Your face will be on fire, if you leave the house and have forgotten to paint yourself with 8 coats of lotion you will be in hell the rest of the day. Not to mention you can start bleeding with your skin pulled so tightly. Well, I hope I've helped saved a life today. I had read a similar post on the internet before I started Acutane but was so desperate I went on it anyway. I'll never lead a normal life because of it.

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