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I've had these on my chin eversince I can remember & nothing gets rid of them. I'm presently on Accutane(4th week) & it hasn't helped so far.
Any suggestions????/
they're a b*tch..i know what your talking about because i've had them myself. i just rubbed retin-a micro on it (prescribed by my dermatologist) every night before bed and this made my face dry as hek but its worth it because it dries up all the whiteheads too. and then when the dryness heals (a few days) your chin may get a few of them back but you wont notice them unless you really look hard. i hope ive been of some help for you, im just telling you what helped me and maybe you will have the same result.

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Retin-A cream & gel didn't get rid of them. I haven't tried Retin A micro, but I can't use it while I'm on Accutane=(
Thanx for the advice though.
When you are almost finished your accutane, order something that works with no side effects. Buy some Pro Active...I have had great results with it!

While you are taking the Accutane, get yourself some Cetaphyl face wash and add a bit of baking soda to it in your hand (not in the bottle). Scrub with it in the morning ONLY to exfoliate your skin and open your pores. You should notice a difference in a very short time. Don't scrub AM and PM as it will redden and inflame your face.
Been there and done that for yeasr!
Thanks Babernathy, I'll try that...I have Cetaphil & I'll try the baking soda thing tonight...

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