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i have been on 20mgs for 3.5 weeks, and i totally agree. it's incredible. i remember being in school during fall and winter, feeling how greasy my face probably looked, and having to go into the bathroom to dab it. Now, it never looks greasy, or red, or bumpy. I had a decent intial breakout, lots of cysts, and i am still waiting on this one that came back from the dead about a week ago, now it's VERY gradually disappearing. But seriously, the rest of my face (more or less all of it) is perfect. I will go up to 40mgs on wednesday. I totally relate, i'll see a pretty girl at school or something, and now instead of hiding or looking the other way, I keep my head up, and continue acting like a human. Did you get any blackheads start to become more noticeable?
I think my pores shrank some and in doing so allowed these to surface. Any tips on how to safely remove them? Accutane is not bad at all for some people. It has changed my life for the better, drastically. Side effects are mild so far, dry lips that aren't even that dry, thats it. So good luck and post your progress. Since I'm a boy and youre a girl, we're both 24, and started low doses of accutane at approximately the same time, i think it will be interesting to see how it affects both of us throughout the course.

Are you taking it for the full course? They recommend, to prevent reoccurances, to continue taking it for 4-6mos.
(?) Hopefully the higher dosage doesn't get too bad. Oh well if does too, nothing can ever be as bad as having a bunch of zits well into your mid 20s, supposedly the best days of your life, shattering your confidence and messing with you on tripped out psychological levels.. sorry, just venting a little.
well, congratulations, best of luck,

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