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Thanks for the reply Aquarius, I have a few more questions to ask: (I hope you don't mind)
1)Are unsaturated fats OK?
2)Is it OK to eat rice/pasta as both contain small amounts of saturated fat?
3) Are eggs OK to eat? (I guess this comes under dairy)
4)Is it alright to have artificial sweetners instead of sugar? For example, diet coke instead of coke as it has no sugar.
5) What foods contain 'shortening'?
6) Are natural sugars found in fruits safe to eat?
7) Did you use the 'hot compress' method outlined in your first post?

Sorry about all the questions, but if I am going to try this diet, I want to make sure I am doing it properly. I had a look through my food today, and almost all of it contains saturated fat - even a bag of lettuce leaves has 0.1g saturated fat.

I think my diet could be the cause of my acne as I live off processed foods and takeways, although I do eat alot of fruit and veg.

I am also taking B5 and have been for 5.5 weeks although I haven't noticed much of a reduction in breakouts yet, but it's early days.

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