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Hello. I have been reading everyones questions and responses about taking B5 and how it has helped so many with acne. I have been taking this B5 (pantothenic acid) but I did not realize I was supposed to take so much in order for it to work. I am a bit worried that I will be taking too much and that it will cause some internal damage. Does anyone have any information on how much is the correct amount to take and what is too much??? Also, if you have any information on side effects. Any websites that you could direct me to would also be excellent!! Thanks for your help!! Beth
I know , i Know !!! I"m answering to my own posted message....but I didn't want everyone to think I haven't done any research...I HAVE AND I'M STILL CONFUSED....AHHHH
It would help if you let us know how much you're taking. Lots of us are taking 5-10/grams a DAY with some takin more.
No known serious long terms effects, lets just hope none turn up!

I wouldn't do anything that you feel unsure about, i suggest you go and ask your Dr.

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