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Phil, DON'T pop it!! Especially if it is a huge honker, as it could leave serious damage. Especially since you are Asian, correct?...well, so am I and unfortunately red marks stay much longer on our skin b/c of the melanin. I had two big zits on my cheek that I popped b/c I was so impatient...yes, the swelling went down for the time being, but the red marks are STILL on my face. And that was nearly TWO years ago! AGH! I regret popping those zits nearly everyday. It is NOT worth one night. Trust me. Have you thought about re-scheduling the date? B/c it is awful to feel completely self-conscious the whole night b/c of a zit on your face. I know the feeling. Good luck! bella
No i don't mind zits...I've had them for 14 years but this is the BIGGEST mama of all, size of a dime an inch left from my mouth. I applied so much Oxy, it burned it brownish. Now, people stare like I have a dime-sized piece of turd glued to my face.

Gross. My poor date, guess I won't ask him for a good night kiss, even if we catch a baseball game on campus.

Best- Phil
dont worry much about it, zits like that are very deep in the surface of the skin and are painful , the only thing you can do is wait for it to surface, in my experance i have found if you leave it alone and do nothing to it will surface quicker, thus heal quicker
if you pop it or squeeze it hard you will just cause it to be more red and larger and it will actually last longer, zits like that always seem to happen at the times you least want them to, and i know its a real pain
but dont like it bother you to much it can happen to anyone.

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