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Ok, I have a suggestion for those of you who haven't heard of it. Saw Palmetto, it's awesome!! You can read more about it at icompact, it gives more details there on exactly what it does. I take 2 pills per day, 320 mg with 500mg of B-5. It's worked wonders.
And btw, those of you that are wanting to get B-5, it's listed under Pantothenic Acid.

Here's some info on Saw Palmetto i thought i would add for you guys:
<I did some reading on saw palmetto too. It's something men can take for prostate enlargement problems. I think what it does is regulate androgen (the "male" hormone) in your body. Excessive androgen is what's responsible for acne (and hair loss, which is why men lose hair more than women). Anyway, I was at the health food store, checking out saw palmetto because I read that it might help with female hair problems. I asked the clerk about it, since all the literature I could find was only about saw palmetto and men's prostate problems. I wanted to know if there were any side effects for women taking it, and he said, "It might make your breasts get bigger." So I said, "Well now I'm definitely taking it!" So I bought a bottle and I've been taking a capsule every other day. Lisabee posted some info on it in the hair forum under the topic "Hair Growth", if anyone's interested. >
<Saw palmetto is a supplement that prevents one of the male hormones (I think it is androgen) from turning into a substance (DHT? again, I'm not sure) that causes hormonal type acne. I cannot believe the great results I've had since taking this. The recommended dose is 320 mg/day so I buy the 160 mg softgels & take 2 in the morning with breakfast.
I'm 46 now but have suffered from this type of acne (on and off) since my teens. I really couldn't believe how quickly this worked because so many things take time to work! >
<I just wanted to thank you for telling me about the sawpalmetto vitamin. I haven't had a single breakout since I have been using it. Thank you so much!! >
If you go to the site i mentioned and do a search under skin care, you'll find tons more info...

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