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Hi guys,

I hope you guys are enjoying the nice weather outside. Well anyway's I'm going to take you back a little and explain my acne experiences:

Well first of all let me tell you what kind of skin I have: Mild Cystic Acne/Sensative Skin/Few Whiteheads/ Very Oily Skin (forehead area)

----My Story----

I broke out in Nov. 2000 with cysts all over my forehead. I'm almost positive it was due to stress. Well anyway, I went to the derm and he prescribed retin-a and minocycline (100mg a day). He told me to apply it every night on my scars and active acne (not a thin layer). It took forever for my cysts to go away compared to previous breakouts. I stayed on retin-a till mid february. My face was red, peeling, and in the worst shape ever. The retin-a made me breakout with even more cysts than ever. I hated my skin and stayed home as much as possible. The doctor should have told me to put retin-a on as a layer instead of spot-treatment. This gave me severe indentations! I still peeled for 3 weeks after I stoped retin-a. At this point I didn't know what to do. Off the retin-a, I then broke out again in early April. I decided to go to a new derm. He injected my cysts (three) with cortisone and prescribed me with Triaz and to continue with mino. The triaz (bp based) helped with the whiteheads but did very little with red marks or active cysts. I stayed on the mino for another 6 weeks. I started to get serious headaches, depression, and stomach aches. I then went to my best friend is a top pharmacist. He told me to be careful of bacterial resistance as well, which can lead to even bigger breakouts in the future. He also talked about hyperpigmentation. Since NOTHING is working I stopped all my medicine.


I came to this message board and red about B5 and vitamins. At the end of May, I started to take 2g of B5 (1g in the am and 1g in the pm) Along with zinc,vit a, vit c, vit e. I also started to drink freshly made juices at home. I also started to eat healthy: no red meat, no milk, no iodized sugar, no foods high in sat. fat, no junk food. Instead I changed my diet with more: soymilk, grilled chicken, fruits and vegetables, brown rice, sea salt, and nothing fried. My juice recipe everyday is: 2 carrots/ 1 beet/ celery/ 1 apple/ parsley/ echinezea. I drink one glass everyday. I also started to go to the gym every other day. I do 20 minutes of just cardio along with lifting. I forgot to mention that I changed my moisturizer to Purpose AHA w/ SPF 15. So how has this routine worked??? I had a small breakout due to the B5 with only whiteheads and no cysts(what a relief) that lasted 2 weeks. Since then I DON'T HAVE ONE PIMPLE IN SIGHT!! The oil is completely gone. The purpose moisturizer is the best thing that I put on my face. It protects my from the sun, exfoliates, and keeps my face moist. It has helped with my scars dramatically especially with the red ones. My skin is completely clear from the temples down. I have 4 scars on my forehead which look lighter every day when I wake up. Sometimes my face gets red with the sun and I get a little bump which goes away in 6 hours.

Trust me, the more things you guys put on your face, the more your skin is prone and sensative to acne. My girlfriend doesn't even notice anything anymore. Yes, my scars are still there, but this routine is giving me much hope. Take care, and ask any questions you may have...

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