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70% glycolic peel
Mar 31, 2001
My dermatologist said he will give me a glycolic peel of 70% and leave it on only a minute and a half. I have never had this done before and was wondering if 70% is too high for the first peel. He said I will be able to wear makeup the next day and my face will only look like a mild sunburn. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
that might be too strong for a first peel. i'd do a 50% or so, but, you likely won't have any problems from it. i doubt you'll be able to wear make-up though the next day. your skin won't look bad really, it'll just be a little flaky most likely. probably gonna make it hard to put on make-up.

what are you getting the peels for? do you have mild to moderate scarring, redness or discoloration, or, just using it as an acne treatment?
mostly to prevent breakouts and to help a couple red marks. Have you ever had these peels done? He is a dermatologic surgeon so I guess I should trust him but I will definately voice my concerns. Thanks for replying.
Is your doctor preparing your skin before the peel? Such as ... does he have you on a high strength Retin-A to start peeling the skin? When I had a chemical peel, my skin had to be prepared for it for a few weeks prior to the peel.
so far i've had a 40% peel and that was very tolerable. i'm going to step it up to probably a 60% peel next time and see how it goes. 70% seems too much for the first time. i was also using glyquin for months before that, which has 10% glycolic acid, and i'd had 9 microdermabrasions. i like the peels better so far.

bella, what kind of chemical peel did you have, and what were the results? did you have scarring treated, and if so, how bad in general?
Hi Ryan, I have put my face through almost everything to get rid of my scarring during the past 8 years. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the worst), I used to have scarring of about a 6 -- a couple deeper pits where the cystic acne grew on my cheeks at one point which were a 7 or 8. I did a series of glycolic peels from 10% to 70%. For me, I saw very slight improvements with the peels in regards to the indented scars. But it was a bit more helpful with improving the red marks left behind from the acne. My advice to you -- just make sure that your skin has enough time to heal before jumping up in one point, I had peeled away so much skin that my skin was so sensitive to the acid and when I was going in for my final peel, my skin flared up in a grotesque white color as soon as the acid hit my skin. They had to put a steroid mask on my face to counteract the reaction! The best of luck to you and I hope the peels work. bella
did anyone experience any breakouts from glycolic acid or the glycolic acid peels? Just wondering. I am using glyderm on the drier areas of my face at night and it burns a bit at first so I have decided to use it every other night. Thanks for replies. Oh and I'm also using benzaclin.
bella, how long did you wait in between treatments?
Ryan, the chemical peel treatments went on for a while -- I would wait anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in between the peels. But you should be able to tell if your skin feels extremely sensitive to things such as hot, cold, wind, etc. But, for you being a guy, I have been told that men have thicker skin than women so you may be able to tolerate more. You can probably feel how sensitive your skin feels better than any doctor could tell you...for me, I knew I should wait at times, but I just wanted the scars to go I didn't wait when I should have! hth. bella

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