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Ok, I'm not a man, but I can tell you that if you use a concealer that has a green tint, it totally helps knock out that red look that always seems to show with bad pimples or cysts. Then you have to use a bit of powder or foundation over it. But it is a much better cover up. You can usually just use a light dusting of a "natual" shade of powder from a compact over it. You can also use a lightweight natural foundation. I have found that when you use foundation if you just dot it on you notice it more. You should kind of blend it out to almost nothing around your face.
Like the othe rperson mentioned, if anyone does notice , just call it acne medication. Everyone nowadays knows they have the tinted medications that look like make-up.Anyway.... The green concealer is a great TIP for really uncoverable red marks.

I agree with buying quality products. You get a much more natural look. Another thing I wanted to mention was to give your concealer a chance to be absorbed by your skin , before applying foundation or powder. This also applys to foundation before applying powder. Otherwise you will get that fake ,cakey look. You only have to wait a couple minutes.

Best of luck

Oh yeah.... Blot, blot, blot that's the key. Never wipe on your make-up. Also if you have oily skin, you should blot it with a napkin during the day , dut don't wipe, if your wearing some cover-up. Also you can do small touch-ups to redness that starts peeping thru during the day by just blotting a little natural powder. TIP FOR MEN...dip the compact puff in the compact and then shake off excess before using. you can also blow it off, or knock it of by tapping the puff on compact edge. Don't get it on your clothes, or it stays there until wash day.

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