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Hello Beliala,
Polyunsaturated oils are NOT healthy. They are the primary cause of atherosclerosis along with a high carbohydrate diet. Polyunsat veggy oils are desaturated by removing the hydrogens...This results in leaving broken electron bonds that are highly reactive and oxidize easily, within the body, or outside of the body. In the body, they are called lipids. Go to a google search and enter oxidized lipids or LDL's and see what you find if you think I'm kidding.
___Normally, sebum, as it leaves the oil glands is amber clear. What makes it yello and white are remnants of macrophages (white cells) that have turned into foam cells (look that up too) because they have ingested oxidized and peroxidized lipids. the white or yello stuff is actually pus without the water. Water is driven off because of the oil content. If the sebum didn't contain these remnants, it would come through the ducts easily.
___Just like some people are genetically predisposed to have atherosclerosis and heart attacks, some are predisposed to have acne. I have asked some of you in the past to have your blood lipid profile checked. If you have hi LDL's, VLDL's, and Triacylglycerides, this is likely being manifested in your skin at your younger age. This is the bases of my old post, "an experiment". If you think high cholesterol and blood lipids are an old person's disease, you are very misinformed. Go to the high cholesterol board and read the post about a teen with high blood lipids.It takes a long time for high blood lipids to kill...usually when a person gets older. It starts when you're young.
Many cystic acne lesions are caused by peroxidized lipids destroying the blood vessel walls of the capillaries between the skins cells, and don't involve the oil glands at all. Everyone thinks so because the proximity of the glands are close and are eventually involved in the lesion. Peroxidized lipids also attack the tiny blood vessels in the brain...and when they rupture, it's a stroke. Most doctors think that high cholesterol causes atherogenesis...they're wrong.
It's the peroxidized LDL's and VLDL's.
___Dr Kook and his gang along with the government nutrition idiots have done more to ensure that we never use social security than anyone I know of. The high carb, polyunsat veg oil, low fat diet is a killer, and the similarity in development of atherosclerotic tumors in the arteries is very similar to the development of the cysts in Acne Vulgaris. The black and white heads, (comedones) and hyperkerotenization may well have its birth in this too. Many of you have been brave enough to request my information, and if you have embarked on the experiment, we may soon learn something.
____The complexities in atherogenesis and cardiovascular disease is complex and I'm not about to write a book here. Someone was on the right track in one or two posts in trying a guggle compound used in bodybuilding. I'll tell you now, it lowers oxidation and peroxidation of blood lipids. There are many guggle formulas in the vitamin stores, and they work, but they are weak.
___My advice for now is: go to the high cholesterol boards and read the articles by Arkie6 and follow the diet plans he lays out. It's a low carb, high protein, moderate fat diet. Get rid of the breads, potatoes, and anything that is lo-fat and contains polyunsaturated veg oils. Go heavy on antioxidants, selenium, E, etc. and take B6 to prevent attacks by high levels of homocysteine.
___I've read so many of your posts and truly feel sorry for so many of you, and that is why I've posted here. Unfortunately, there is very little analysis, little study of the structure of the skin, and little determination of the physiology involved. It's stumbling in the dark and being cynical.
_Until the next time, God bless and grant wisdom and guidance to you all. Oldguy

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