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Hi Ryan, I was just wondering how your glycolic acid peel is going. I remember yo said that you are looking into doing a 70% peel. May I inquire if these peels at all help with shallow indentations.
I had a subcission treatment done a month ago to help with my deeper scars, it helped with a lot of them, but I was told by the doctor that he would not perform that procedure on shallow indentations.
Also, I have had 5 microdermabrasion sessions, can't say I have seen any results in the red marks or indentations, just my pore size seemed to have reduced.
I was considering doing another mild tca, or maybe an Obagi Peeel, but I would be very interested in knowing your results from the Glycolic Acid Peel (I think you mentioned about 60%), I don't recall. Thanks in advance.
i had a 50% peel this time, and, it's friday now and my skin's still peeling a little. i'm expecting that to be over by tomorrow though. i had some blistering on my nose and the skin just kind of detached and now it's a little red. i'm hoping that goes away soon. otherwise, i'm pleased so far with the results. this peel "hurt" (doesn't really hurt but stngs a little) a little worse than the last one, which was 40%. but still easily bearable all the same, even without the little fan they give you to use.

i noticed good improvment overall with the last peel throughout the time in between the last one, and i'm looking for slightly better results from this one, which i notice already, particularly with the red marks and small indentations.

i have one shallow scar that hasn't improved much overall, i don't believe (i'll have to see before and after pics at the office though to be sure), but with other very mild and somewhat moderate scars, i've noticed a great deal of improvement. so much so in just two peels that with four others likely all of which are going to be 60 and 70 percent peels, i expect many of these marks to disappear entirely. i see almost more improvement in just two peels than i did in 9 microdermabrasion sessions. it really all depends though from person to person what kind of results you'll have, so, i don't want to make it seem like the miracle acid. all i can say is how well it's worked for me up to this point and hope it does as much for others.

by the way, i was wanting to ask you what kind of tca peel you had done. what was the percentage? you didn't have an accupeel, did you? just curious. i'll let you know how further treatments go as i have them. lookin' for the next one in about 10 days or so.
HI Ryan,
Thanks for the information, I can't believe Glycolic Peels help with the indentations, I did not expect that, were they basically shallow indentations, all my indentations are pretty shallow and this is what bothers me the most. From the 5 microdermabrasion sessions I can't say I have seen much results at all, I understand I may have to do more.
The tca peel to me was quite mild to moderate, I may have misunderstood the percentage he told me. however, it was a 30% glycolic peel followed by a tca. I inquired into the accupeel, but the recovery time seemed to be too much for me and what I understand it is quite similar to the obagi blue peel. I am becoming quite discouraged with the microdermabrasion treatments as I have spent a lot of money on them so far, I am considering just doing a peel now - however my main goal is to diminish/eliminate the shallow indentations and red marks and I was told that the peels may not help much with this.
Please let me know how effective your peels are on indentations and red marks. Thanks so much for the info.

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