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i've used hydrogen peroxide daily for the past seven months or so. i used to apply it twice a day, both in the morning and again at night, but lately i've only applied it before going to bed. either alternative is fine but, personally, i prefer the latter.

anyway, hydrogen peroxide acts as a topical disinfecant. its function is to kill the bacteria that is already present in your skin. that's why your mom or the school's nurse would apply it to a recent cut or wound if you fell down on the playground and scraped up your knee or whatever :v)

it will certainly help diminish existing acne and, with consistent use, ought to help improve your general complexion. after all, the less bacteria on your face, the better. but it will not solve your acne-problem alone. hydrogen peroxide (or any other disenfectant - i.e. benzoyl peroxide) provides temporary relief. it fights the acne that already exists on your face. it does nothing to actually prevent future acne. that is something that must be solved through diet, exfoliation, etc.

that said, i do recommend using hydrogen peroxide as part of your regular skin care routine. it's one peice of the puzzle - and a very inexpensive one ;v) this stuff is dirt cheap. the local Sav-on sells it for $.88 a bottle and 2 for $.88 when it's on sale (which it frequently is). you want 3% hydrogen peroxide, though that shouldn't be an issue because i've never seen a higher percentage at any drugstore. i put it in a little plastic spray bottle and spray it on my body when i get out of the shower in the morning (not on the face) and then spray it onto a little foam pad at night when i apply it on my face. i have learned to purchase foam pads from the beauty shop because cotton balls and pads absorb the peroxide too easily and leave annoying, sticky cotton lint all over my face. foam pads are a bit more expensive but you can get about 50 for five bucks. to apply, just gently rub it into your face and neck - don't go overboard but don't be afraid to soak the pad either if it feels to dry. just be careful not to irritate your acne when applying (not with the peroxide but by rubbing it in to harshly or whatnot). if you use an exfoliant (i use 2% salicylic acid) apply the peroxide in between cleansing and exfoliating. the two work great in tandem.

one cool side effect that i noticed after a month or two was that my brown hair started to lighten around the edges. suddenly, i had little streaks of blonde in my hair where i had unknowingly passed the pad through. lol. hydrogen peroxide will lighten your hair :v) it's actually an ingredient used in hair dyes. i really dig it. since then, i've applied sparingly to my hair after my face. it's really quite good-looking - very natural. so, if you've always kind of fancied the blonde-highlight look you might welcome that.

hydrogen peroxide. cool stuff :v) let me know if you have any more questions.

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