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Dear Acne....
Apr 1, 2001
Dear Acne,

I am writing you this post because I have something to say to you. I have spent 7 out of the 20 years of my life tormented by you. For short periods of times in my life I was able to be free of your evil ways through medications prescribed to me by my doctor. Yet, you still persist on bugging the sh*t out of me.

I know that 7 years compared to the pain and sufferings of others that have had you around seems like a minute amount of time, but it hurts, 7 years may seem like a small amount compared to those who have suffered longer, but it pains! In fact, one year with you would be enough to drive me crazy, so... as it seems, I am beyond crazy -- 6 years beyond craziness.

I know what you're saying right now, "It happens, Acne happens, learn to deal with it." Well, I'm fed up. How could you be so discriminate as to only affect a majority of the population and not the whole populus? You might as well just give up your fight, you've lost, you cannot infect everyone, your totalitaristic regime will not prevail! GIVE UP YOU stubborn disease!

I have spent days and I have spent nights just hoping and wondering when you will lift yourself from me, sufficating me with thoughts of ugliness and depression you make me feel less than human. But, I am human.

When I am ever asked the question, "Ruffeo, what would your perfect world be like?" I would always reply, "Smiling happy faces." It seems the last time I have truely had a "smiley happy face" was when you were away for that short period of time-- I felt free, free of you and all my burdens in life.

I dwell upon you way too often, there is my downfall. If I could imagine a world in which you did not exsist, life would be happy. But it's tough to imagine when the fact of reality is right there, ON YOU-- on me.

I just wish you would leave me alone. I've done nothing in my life to have deserved the pains that I have gone through, I've always been a kind person, I've always been a loving person, am I not entitled to a good happy life?

I plead, leave me alone.

At Wits End,

***Sorry, I had to get this out, one way or another, I didn't want to keep my venting inside me. It seems like medications isn't all it's cracked up to be, so, I might as well try talking to that d*ck Acne.

[This message has been edited by ruffeo (edited 04-01-2001).]

[This message has been edited by ruffeo (edited 04-01-2001).]

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