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This post is for all of you older people out there that may be going through the same thing as me. I've finally made some progress in my struggle with this crappy affliction and hope to speed up somebody else's search for a "cure" with this post.

I am 34 years old and have had acne for almost 20 years. I didn't go to a derm until I was 25; until then I was waiting to grow out of it, but never did. The first thing I tried was tetracycline, it worked for about 3 months, then I gradually got bad again. Then came 2 years of minocycline with decent results, but finally that stopped working. I tried eurythromycin, sulfa drugs, help.

Thinking it might help, the doc gave me metrocream, it did nothing. I tried a number of home remedies, no dice. Benzoil peroxide made my skin look terrible in any strength formula, I have naturally dry skin so this made things worse.

In desperate attempt to help me, he put me on Valtrex (herpes medication) in the hopes that I had some sort of simplex virus that was causing my cystic acne. Again, no help.

Last year, he gave up and put me on Accutane. In my case it did nothing except cost me a lot of money and chap the heck out of my lips. The wonder drug let me down, what next?

How about a sugar elimanation diet? I was extremely anal about sugar for 4 weeks. Not a single gram passed through my system as I tried a diet I read about online that claims refined sugar is the bane of our existence. This apparently works for some, but not me.

Well, last week my persistence paid off. I had the doc "pop" one of my big zits and get a culture to send in to a med lab for testing. It was loaded with staph bacteria! I have no idea where I may have picked up a staph infection, but it is clearly the cause of my problem. This was something totally new to my derm, and I can't blame him for not finding it earlier.
In all of my research on the net and in the local library, I have never seen any connection or mention of this.

Thinking back, it makes sense. The first two antibiotics worked for a while; my best guess the staph became resistant to them eventually and came back stronger than before. This leads both of us to believe that it will be harder to kill now than it would have been back then. Today, I started a round of Zythromax. If that doesn't work, we'll try a rifampin/keflex combination. After that I'm off to the local university's Infectious Disease clinic for a full assault on the nasty critters.

I post this because I think it will help some of you. I have read countless posts here from people that had some initial success with antibiotics but no long lasting effects. I realize that many of you have more "typical" acne, this probably won't pertain to you at all......

The most important point of this is simple........KEEP FIGHTING! Work with your derm, suggest alternative treatments, push him to find your cure. If he doesn't respond, go find one who will. You are the patient and the customer.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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