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Re: Do Nothing!
Dec 29, 2001
GabbyA, what about moisturizer? Did you use any in the 2 weeks? Do you use any now that the 2 weeks are over? Did you say besides water, that you are using Cetaphil? Where do you get that? (I haven't heard of it before) - I'm in my late 20's and have never, except the occational single one around my period, had any acne break outs until almost 4 years ago (I guess I was lucky being spared for so long).
First I tried Neutrogena Deep Cleanser, it was too hard on my face, then for the next 2 years I was bouncing back and fourth between all the brands at the drugstore... lol nothing seemed to help and my acne was going in waves and showing up on my back and chest as well Then I tried Proactive. For one year I thought I was in heaven, within three weeks I cleared up with only one tiny little one around my period as before this whole thing started. Then suddenly one day, it started again. Whiteheads, blackheads and some cysts. I went to see a derm, he put me on Stievamycin Forte Gel (any one heard/tried this?) It somewhat helped at bit, but it also dried out my face completely (which I guess is the idea of it), my forehead was constantly peeling, red and very irritated, it felt like the gel was burning away my skin... needless to say my skin is very sensitive. I was still breaking out so he 'uped' the strength of the gel. Now I'm on the strongest dose and I hate it, I only use it about three times a week as supposed to every night, my skin just can't handle it. (My derm says to use it as much as I can tolerate)

A few months ago, even on the gel several days a week I got into a new 'wave' of breaking out. This time it was tiny little bumps all over my forehead and the side of my face, bigger red bumps around my chin, eyebrows(?) and t-zone and some cysts. - That's when I found this board... In the last month I've been on Chaste tree berry/Vitex, thinking it would help me if my breakouts were hormonal (I'm not big on going on the bcp after three bad months 11 years ago, mood swings, growing breasts etc) with b-complex and on B5 as well (I'm up to 10g/day)... This past month the little bumps have somewhat disappeared, I still get the bigger red bumps and some cysts, and as I said I still use the gel about three times a week but would love to though it all away. I wash my face with Biore foaming cleanser, put on Herbal Logix's spot, scar & blemish creme on the troubled areas and moisture with a pure Vitamin E gel. This is working quite well for the sensitivity and dryness, still I'm breaking out... I found your method quite interesting since my face is as sensitive as it is. So I would love some answers on the questions in the beginng of this post. Also any other input/questions from anyone else would be appreciated. Also how are you doing now GabbyA, still holding up?
....All right after all this blabbing I'll leave you to catch your breath, and thank you all for keeping people like me/us sane knowing we're not the only one out there!

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