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Originally posted by LadyICE:
Thanks to all of you who have responded to my message; it's nice to know that there is a good support network out there for people in this situation to use.

As I said, I had already taken my daughter to see a doctor, and she was put on oral Tetracyline and topical Erythromycin. She is due to go back for a follow-up visit in about 3 days. It's really hard to tell whether or not this treatment is helping; some days her acne seems to have calmed down, and on other days it still seems to be very bad. If her doctor suggests keeping her on Tetracycline, I will ask for a different antibiotic.

One thing I did do, was buy a bottle of B5 yesterday from our health food store. The pills are 500 mgs each and I'm not sure how much to give her. Any suggestions?

Thanks again to everyone who has shared their thoughts with us here :-)

I've started using B-5 about a week ago, and started with a dose of 4-6 grams (8-12 500mg tablets) This was a suggested dosage by many who have had positive results using B5. Since then, my face is much less oily, and my pimples have started to dry up considerably. The suggested dosage (and higher) is safe, (in fact, please check the thread "B5 is dangerous!!!!!!!!" for medical sources disputing one person's empty claims of the vitamin being dangerous.) It may take from a week to a month to see favorable results, but when compared to other medications, that time is actually quite short.

Also check other threads about Vitamin B5, both past and present. There are many that tell other's experience with the vitamin. I hope that this might help both you and your daughter. Tell her that we're with her, and hope that others will soon see the beautiful face she has underneath.

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