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Wow, I'm so sad that your nine year-old duaghter has very bad acne. I didn't star getting any until I was 13. And even then it was just mild, which has now develope to moderate.

I don't know how the antibiotics will work on her. I am on retin-a micro and doxycycline, countered with erythromycin pads and Brevoxyl -4 creamy wash (which is benzoyl peroxide 4%). I have been on the WASH and ERYTHROMYCIN for 5 months. The retin-a micro for 2.5 months, and the doxycycline for 1.5 months.

If their is any results from the retin-a micro and doxycycline, their minimal. I havn't gotten any new bumps since I've been on it. But my face is still oily. So my derm is now having me come in for FACIAL PEELS.

SO, FOR HELPING YOUR DAUGHTER, you should see about changing antibiotics, something a little bit stronger. And try to get on retin-a (or micro). I DONT thnk your doctor will put her Accutane, that chances of that are slim. ANOTHER thing you should do is buy some B5 - Pantothenic Acid (500MG) and take about 6 pills a day. I here B5 has done amazing things for acne, as far as clearing up skin. I recently bought me some to use with my medicine. Their natural, so it want interfer with other meds. But you should try that out.

Stay tuff. Keep up the war against acne. Never think it's impossible to get rid of.

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