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Im a real bad picker to. On my arms I have scars left over from picking every little bump I thought had puss in it. Don't know about you but I have too much time on my hands and can sit their for 10 minutes at a time and its stupid.

luckily I don't get bad acne on my face or might have caused scarring that doesn't fade but Im now going through that with my nose and blackheads and end up peeling the skin off and its stupid especially when I know the gunk comes back the next day but I cant seem to control myself.

I try not to look in the mirror since Im at home all day and work at home and thats about all I can do to not think about it. I wear long sleeve stuff around the house so I don't look at my arms.

I don't know if I have a sickness or what but I would say im compulsive about picking. I see something raised on my skin and I must push it out even though it ends up looking worse. I'll turn a small pimple that would probably go away the next day into big sores that might scar.

Also I cant help but going through the same damn process over and over of feeling like I must pick, then being depressed about how im worthless for causing it and every little marks makes me look like a freak.

yet I know many have it way worse

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