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How are those cysts doing? Has the tree tea oil helped at all? I hope so!

Yes, Yasmin is here on the U.S. Also, be warned I dont know how long you have been on Ortho, bu my skin didnt look that bad at first and then BAAM! Cysts like crazy. I hate that pill with a passion and wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. I really hope it works for you, but for so many it causes cystic acne. Good luck with it!
Yeah, I agree about being scared about skin/acne/pills/pregnancy. I had a miscarriage and shortly after I broke out, but my skin got better a little bit later- I was just starting to use Differin, so it could have been a consequence. I hope switching back to your former pill works- how long has it been since you quit the OTC and started back on the Novum777? I am hoping Yasmin will help. My husband and I are not thinking about having kids yet- it will probably be 8-10 years down the road for us, so I just want to find something that works for me! Also- have you tried any of the diets on the board? Wai's diet or Old Guy's regimine? just thoughts...

ChevyFan- I have been on accutane 2 months on Monday 10/1/01. At first I got some small but painful cysts that stuck around for about a week. Then my skin cleared up beautifully. Then I got some more zits, then my skin was clear... etc. This is the first month my skin really has been noticeably better. And- the IBO was not as bad as the prospect of always having acne. It's sort of weird. I was also helped into making the decision by my husband and his super clear skin. He was cured of acne and I am hopeful. My skin was dry before, but the first week or so of accutane, it got oily! Now it is dry, but less prone to wrinkle because I am smothering it with Cetaphil moisturizer. The condition of my skin is actually very nice where i don't have any pimples! even on my cheeks! I am not using any soap on my face, just water and a wash cloth and moisturizer. I think that is what is keeping it nice. The side effects are not as bad as everyone says. Besides, by the time they start to get annoying your skin will be clear and you will feel like it is worth it!

Ok, I think it is time I get off the computer and get back to hanging out... it is friday night and i am supposed to be lying on the couch with my hubby!

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