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Haha. Hey Ruffeo. Newscaster, I lost a bit of hair while I was on Accutane also. I am worried about that, but my hair shedding has stopped and it IS growing back. Hopefully, if I go on it again, I won't need to go on as strong of a dosage. And hopefully I won't have the hair loss. Yikes.

So far, I've managed to stear clear of the cystic acne returning. They've mostly been little bumps that come and go quickly. The thing that bugs me the most is the oil. Now I have to wear foundation to cover the bumps that I'm getting from the oil, and the make up is beginning to slide off. I HATE OILY SKIN! Arrrgh.

Of course, it takes a super long time to get back into my dermatologist. I have an appointment a month from now. Hopefully my skin won't worsen before then. Argh. I just found it weird that almost exactly a year of being off Accutane, my acne is returning. Newscaster, how would you compare your first Accutane treatment with your second? Was your second easier? Harder? Did you have another initial breakout? Thank you sooo much.

Hey there. Pretty much the same thing happened to me, my skin was beautifully clear after my 5.5 month course of Accutane. Now exactly a year later my skin is starting to break out again. It's really not that bad but I want perfect skin! I don't want to have to worry about 2 or 3 zits CONSTANTLY on my skin. I have a dermatologist appointment for Jan 24 but I'm moving to another town on Jan.2. The new town has a much drier climate and I know the last time I lived there my skin got a lot clearer. So I might just wait a bit and see how it goes before seeing a derm in that town.

Anyways good luck, I hope that it goes well for you. I really love Accutane, and I don't think the side effects are that bad anyways.

Take care

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