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Hi Carol,
If that's what you're eating, it seems ok to me. I've never been one to be able to keep a diet-for-health too well. It's likely that if doughnuts could be injected, I'd be looking for free needles. The sad thing is that so many foods are now adulterated by more things than antioxidants auch as BHT, ascorbyl palmitate, etc. There are flavor enhancers, texturizers, extenders, colorizers, etc. In milk products, we have antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, etc. Chicken was the worst for growth hormones. I remember reading about five to seven year old girls developing breasts and getting their M cycles due to the hormones fed to chickens. Although I'm a leg and butt man, I'm not against a good cup size...but I am NOT a pedofile. These estrogens are added to make chubby chickens in a short time. They're also given to beef cattle during fattening. We're at the mercy of industry selling by the pound. I believe it's one of the reasons for the decrease of male fertility and rise in prostate cancer. Men with prostate cancer have about three times the normal level of prolactin, (a female hormone for milk production), in their blood. If the doctors had any smarts, they would be giving men showing enlarged prostates, bromocryptine maleate to suppress prolactin.
The problem you seem to have then is not enough fat in your diet to absorb BHT. It's not absorbed well without it, and dissolves very slowly in veg oils.
I would suggest you buy a pint of olive oil and heat it in a pot of simmering water. Add about 5 grams of BHT to it and shake and heat. If it will dissolve more, add it to it until it's saturated. Add a teaspoon of this solution to each cup of soup. If you use ready made salad dressings, add two tablespoons to a large bottle. Then the 250-500mg/day oral dose should be adequate.
I have to repeat tho; I don't believe there is a magic bullet for this problem, and this is not a cure, but a possible treatment. I only pray it helps at least half of all acne sufferers. Be blessed,

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