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I have been wearing foundation since I was 14, and I have been through every drugstore brand that there is. I never could find a good match. It was either too pink, too dark, or it turned orange a half an hour after I put it on. And It all felt mask-like. If you are going to splurge on anything, shell out the money for the better foundation.

Your guy friend is clueless. All clear faced, zit-free people are. I'll tell you something that might make you feel better. My mom said to me once about my acne, "Well, if you would wash your face more!" DUH! Like washing my face 3x a day wasn't enough. I cannot believe that my own mom was that ignorant. She never even bothered to take me to the derm. I had to wait until I was 17 so I could drive myself. It was lousy.

Sorry for the little vent.
I use Prescriptives foundation and coverup, and have never gotten more compliments in my life. My co-workers tell me my skin looks completely clear and natural, when in reality, my skin is quite red, splotchy and scarred from my acne and the treatment which has only recently cleared up. Plus, the people at the Prescriptives counters are always SO helpful...their makeup is frequently prescribed for people with acne, so that's what they're good at...making the perfect recommendation, and being sensitive about your condition. I was embarrassed beyond belief when the woman wanted to take off my makeup to get a good match, but she was so nice about it, and very understanding. The foundation costs about $25/30 for a bottle and the coverup is about $10/15 for a tube. I know it's expensive and believe me, I'm on a budget too, but I can't think of anything I'd rather spend my $$ on. Good luck!

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