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To Gianni: LGS
Sep 24, 2001

I was going through old posts & I stumbled on one that you posted regarding leaky gut syndrome. I had posted regarding this subject not too long ago too and NOBODY replied. I know it sounds like a far-fetched off the wall name, but the more & more I research it, the more it makes sense and I think that is what my problem is.

I am 30 years old, having acne for the last 5 years. Before that my skin was perfect and problem free. To date, I have used several antibiotics & topicals and nothing has worked. So I began thinking & doing a timeline of events before my acne started to see what & where things went wrong. About 2 years before getting acne, I overly used laxatives as means of weight control. I am now honestly thinking I have caused my acne by doing this, by stripping away all the good stuff in my digestive system, thus allowing LGS to occur. Would this make any sense to you? I read on one LGS site, that LGS can be caused by over-use of laxatives, among many other things.

So, now my plan of attack is working from the inside out. I have been off antibiotics for about a year now because they did not work for me anyway. I WILL NOT go back on them after reading what they can do to you by making things worse. I currently started taking acidophilus, l-glutamine and aloe vera (in liquid form)and have always taken flax seed oil. Everything else I have thrown out. Do you have any info. on these products? Any info. on this subject would be welcomed!

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