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Well it looks like everyone here is new... If anyone remembers me i'm back !! LOL
Anyway i'm back and i'm back on accutane. My acne hasn't come back relatively bacd but it's only going to progressively get worse..LOL
So screw it i'm goin on it again. Hopefully it'll keep me clear indefinately ...
I have a theory on how you can tell if your acne is going to come back after accutane...
The SIZE your acne is BEFORE you go on it, If it's just severe but relatively medium-small it won't come back at all... If it was really big like mine it will some what but alot less and alot smaller in size...
It's just a theory but I know i'm right.. lol
For anyone who's still out there that was interested in the nlite treatment for my scarring..
Well I have another theory on that also ...LOL
If you get it early like I did that scarring is completely gone ; although, the one of the old scars that I had for 12 years didn't respond at all...
Oh well...One thing I have to tell everyone on accutane though,
TAKE CARE OF YOUR FACE while on it really well !
All of my scarring occured while I was on it..
TOwards the end of the treatment i remember scars would appear by itself ! lol
It's prob cause I was sooooo dry and I never used very much moisterizer . I'll make sure I do it this time !!

Another thing I'm starting to take to prevent acne is a supplement called GUGGLSTERONES you can get it at any health food or vitamin store. I got mine at GNC.
THere were multiple scientific studies done on this product and it's ability to help acne better than tetracycline..
People who took tetracycline antibiotics for acne( tetracycline,doxycycline,minocycline) had less lesions by 60% and people who took guggulsterones had less lesions by 68%.
I figure it's good to take since you can't take tertacycline products on accutane anyway...
Maybe it'll help with the breakout periods during the beginning and into the treatment till I clear.

just some thoughts
I back in the acne boat.. LOL

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