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I know that consuming alcohol when on Accutane is advised against, but what about marijuana? Does anyone know if it can affect anything related to Accutane?
I have a friend on accutane who does weed and as far as I can see it hasn't caused anything major, he's been doing both for a while but I suggest you get some more opinions and do some research.
Marijuana does not affect anything while on Accutane! My suggestion, though, is not do any drugs at all.....and weed has a major affect on slowing down your thinking.'s not a drug-advice board, so let me get back to my far as alcohol goes, i have never heard that it is not permitted while on accutane, alcohol is just not so good for skin in general. I drank a lot while i was on accutane, and my face didn't become any worse!!!
You shouldn't drink alcohol on tane because they are both bad for your liver and doing them together is obviously worse than either of them alone.
That is correct. Accutane can raise your triglyceride level. Alcohol can do the same. So, it's recommended that alcohol consumption be reduced if your triclyceride level is too high.

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