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Bandit1, I'm right up there with you! 42, gaining on 43. My acne has always just been a minor annoyance-type problem, but last summer/fall I started experiencing more breakouts and, most distressing, more CYSTIC breakouts. I would get cystic acne on my chin that would last for weeks and weeks. I was going crazy until I started searching on the internet and found all this information. I've now been on B-5 since late January (and I also used Minocycline for awhile). I was up to 9 grams a day, but am tapering down now and am currently at 6 grams a day. I also take other vitamins/supplements such as Zinc, Chromium, Vitamins A, E and C, B Complex, and Flaxseed Oil. So far, so good!
By the way, I've discovered that my accelerated acne problems of the past year have been due to, yes, hormonal changes! I'm entering another "phase" of my life, and this is my reward......

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