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I had secondary infections (staph aureus) which overgrew as the susceptible bacteria were killed off. Basically, I started getting recurrent boils on my skin and had to go to the emergency room due to several on my face. The doc there put me on another antibiotic called keflex, and I was completely clear (no boils, no acne) after two weeks of that. Afterwards my derm (complete moron that she was) wanted me to continue the minocycline. Needless to say, I haven't been on any oral meds for the past few weeks, and I'm still alive (and my skin is still clear apart from red marks).

My advice on antibiotics: use them only for badly infected acne. They should only take a couple of weeks to reduce the infection. After researching this, I found that derms prescribe them long-term for acne because they actually suppress the immune sytem (reducing the inflamation). Minocycline, for example, is also prescribed for arthritis.


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