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I went to the doctor, whom I see because he's my hubby's doctor. Plus, with my current health insurance, it's a pain to change doctors. That fact notwithstanding, I'm changing doctors....

I asked to have all of the tests that you'd suggested (for hyperinsulinemia, hormone levels and food allergies). Would you believe that he wouldn't give me permission to have any of them? He said that I don't have any symptoms of hyperinsulinemia (and that my blood sugar levels, previously tested for another reason, were "normal"). He said that I don't show signs of my hormones being out of whack because I'm not heavyset and am on the pill. (He even told me that I don't have PCOS because I'm not overweight. Yet I get cysts, have an irregular cycle--without the pill--and grow one long hair on my chin. But according to the almighty dorkter, I just have cysts on my ovaries, not PCOS, because I'm thin.) And I was denied allergy tests because those "aren't given to people with acne. They're used for people with asthma, etc."

In short, I paid $15 for a worthless visit to a worthless doctor. I've not liked one MD I've had since I've been in West MI. I cannot wait to go back to Chicago, where MD's seem to know their stuff.

I'm no further ahead than I was yesterday; the entire left side of my face is broken out with cysts (and I have a friend's wedding to attend next Saturday); I'm popping three Erythromycin pills per day. (When I told my doctor that I want off antibiotics, he suggested three more that could try besides the Eryc! He also refused to give me Metformin or Spiro.) WORTHLESS MD!!! I will never find a "cure" if I cannot find a "cause."

I'm ready to cry, I'm so frustrated. I can't even go to different derm.'s (to search for one that I like) because, according to my doctor, my health insurance won't let me see two different derm.'s in a year's time. So I can either be potentially stuck with a crappy derm, or I can go to another one and pay out-of-pocket. Well, what the F#&% do I have insurance for???? I want to bang my head bloody against the nearest wall....


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