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you should try glycolic peels first. they're cheaper and work about the same a microdermabrasion. it all depends on the strength of each peel though. don't go to a spa or something, unless it's at a doctor's office. they don't have very strong stuff. a plastic surgeon's office is your best bet. many have aestheticians who will use stronger microderm machines and higher percentages of glycolic peels.

i wouldn't bother with doing home glycolics. it's only around $50 to have it done by a professional with professional services. and some people are allergic (rare) or have reactions, and it's not a big deal, but it'd help to have someone knowledgeable handling it. they might try to start you low, but i'd start at like a 50% or 60% peel and see how you do. if you stay at the same %, the effects lessen each time, meaning you won't really peel as much or be as irritated the next time, mot likely, unless you move up to a higher strength or add more time. you might be peely for a few days though, but it's not too bad.

oh, and you can't really do the peels and be out and about during the summer anyway. you don't have to stay hidden, but you can't really go out and soak up the sun while you're doing the peels.

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