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well here's the thing. people exaggerate sometimes, especially with these kinds of treatments. basically, you can get a microderm treatment done where you won't have any real downtime at all, just a little redness. but if you want to take that approach, then not only are you unlikely to see very good results, but instead of the money you spent on it you'd be better off using a facial scrub or washcloth on your face.

depending on how you react to the glycolic peels, you'd probably be able to take a friday off and come back on monday with just a little bit of peeling. i've experienced everything after a peel from looking like i was sunburned and peeling like i was thereafter to mild redness and very minimal peeling. these were all 70% peels too, so, you never know what you're going to get though it's a good bet your first few peels are going to make you peel somewhat.

you might actually be able to do something like go in for a peel on a thursday and, since you usually don't start peeling until later the next day, in my experience, you wouldn't really have to miss any work the next day since it'll probably look ok, though make sure to moisturize heavily. if not, it'd be good if you could still do it like that and plan to work the next day and then call off on friday if you wake up and just don't like what you see in the mirror, if you're able to do that. all in all, usually even the worst of peels are done by about 4 days after. but if you can, i'd try glycolic acid first.

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