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Dec 7, 2001
Okay, so I am 17 years old, and my derm just (like yesterday) put me on 50 mg 2X a day with retin a micro topical treatment.
My skin is not HORRIBLE, but the blemishes leave red marks and I have horrible self esteem, so I'm hoping this will work.
I've been reading some posts and its worrying me, because they say mino works at first, then when you go off, it comes back worse than ever.
But I don't have cystic acne, and I think its mainly hormonal. It's only been bad for a couple months.
My derm said it works most of the time, but I'm worried.
can anyone verify that?
ALSO- the retin a micro is sooo drying, even after one application!! Anyone know any good moisturizers to combat that? I'm currently using "velocity" by Mary Kay.
Anyways, please tell me anything you can about either drug, and I'd appreciate it, REALLY.
Wish me luck as well...
I don't know anything about the RetinA, I've never used it. I have used minocycline. I am currently on it and its my third time on it in four years. I have stopped taking it twice and both times the acne came back, but it didn't come back worse or more resistant because the minocycline still seems to work. My dose started at 2 pills of 50mg twice a day, so my dose is about twice what yours is. It does work really well while I am on it though. I don't stop taking it abruptly, I gradually reduce my dose, until I am only taking one 50mg tablet a day. I have done this all by the guidance of my derm. My skin has remained clear while only taking 50mg a day so I think this time I'll just keep up that small dose for a lot longer instead of stopping and starting up on my high dose again. I know there are probs with taking antibiotics on such a long-term basis, but I am not ready for Accutane! If your acne isn't that bad, I'd suggest trying the Minocycline. I am using some topicals too, one I think is similar to the RetinA and the tips in the previous post are good ones. I don't use a moisturizer because I use a glycolic toner during the day so I use a really moisturizing GENTLE cleanser, Spectro-Jel, and I find my skin isn't so dried out from the gel I use at night. Okay, I've typed too much already, LOL.. If you want there are a few posts on this board about Minocin (a brand name for minocycline), I know I started one, you should check them out.. Hope this helps!! Good luck!

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