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I understand the frustration and I was in the same situation as you are now. I'm a 28 year old male who started Accutane 1st week of June (20 mgs/day for 2 weeks, then 40 mgs for almost 2 months, couldn't tolerate that dose for long, back to 20/day which is where I am at now). I mainly decided to take Accutane for my body acne (chest, shoulders, back had some cysts cysts and generally looked awful). Like you, my face sometimes broke out but my body was worse.

I have to say, Accutane has been the best thing for it, and I was really scared of the drug. But even at this low dose, my body acne has cleared almost totally *knock on wood*. The red marks suck though. I have about 1 more month to go and despite the fact that I don't feel so great while on it (some aches, dryness, mood changes), I am toughing it out for a bit longer. The doc says that there is a chance that it could return but perhaps not as bad and it is very encouraging that I cleared in a low dose, so I may be in the clear for good!

What I can suggest to you:

1. Talk to your doc about dosage to see if you need to up or play with it a bit, although my personal belief is that the body needs only small doses over a period of time to really feel the effect.
2. Patience. 50 days is not enough time. The 3rd and 4th month should see real improvement. I'd be surprised if you didn't and would then suggest maybe trying more hormonal approaches like Saw Palmetto, other herbs, etc.
3. Lots of water, vit e 400iu a day are a must. Take B-Complex too to balance out your vits (since Accutane is really just mega Vitamin A essentially).

Keep us posted on your results! Hope I helped.

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