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I weigh only a little more than you. I took accutane for 3 months. 80 mg / 5 days a week for a total of 400 mg a week. I took it for oily skin, not acne. My treatment was considered by my doctor to be aggressive. Some of my side effects included: hair loss, very fragile skin, and over all feeling very tired. I took this last June, July, and August. Some of the problems that I have now are: delayed healing, many premature facial wrinkles (I'm early thirtysomething) I have been sick more often since I took the accutane than ever before (like strept infections and respiratory infections) I can not have any laser surgery for at least one year to remove my "accutane facial wrinkles". My skin seems to have lost the elasticity and firmness that I had until last year. One year prior to the "aggressive treatment", I was, for 3 months, on a "mini treatment" (similar to a low dose treatment) that was 20mg / 3 times a week, for a total of 60mg week. It did not control the oil. I did not notice any side effects during or after my treatment. My thoughts on using accutane are... I am so very sorry that I used it. I think it should be offered only to those who are in desperate need of controlling serious, out of control, cystic acne. That still may not warrant using Accutane.

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