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I think aloe vera works real well for an overall skin tone (brown marks, red marks, etc). Just with any product it takes about 2 months too notice any difference. I use it on my back and my spots are fading but It doesn't controll acne. However, it does stop the redness around pimples that we all hate. I use 100% Fruit of the Earth which you can obtain from any store or pharmacy (I got mine from Shoprite for 5 bucks)
I have to totally agree with cutetexan on the Bye Bye cream. A few days ago, my sister bought me this tiny jar of green goop from the department store. Its called BENEFIT "Buh-Bye" and it has been working wonders! My zits have shrunk in size and they are still shrinking. I do notice my red spots are not as red as before either. Seriously, I started seeing results over night and some of my pimples have disappeared in 3 days. Like cutetexan said, not many people know what ingredients are in this green goop. The make up artist at the department store claim that there is only Salicylic acid in it. But who really knows?
Since it's a green goop, you should only wear it at night during sleep. Unless you wanna walk around looking like an alien. There is a clear lotion form of it that you can wear during the day, but I have yet to buy it. My sister bought it at Dillard's down here in Houston. Look for the line of skin care/cosmetics called BENEFIT.

PS The noni juice didnt work. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at my old posts a few weeks back.

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