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Hello, I was curious to how long does hydrogen peroxide last? What i mean by that is, I usually know that when it is still working, it tingles and such. And i know it is in a brown bottle to keep it well preserved. So what is the life expectancy of it? Couple of months, a year? thanks..
what are you using it for?
For spot treatment..

Does anyone know the life of it?
I think you're pretty safe to use it up to a year after you buy it. Hell, it's cheap.. under $2.. splurge a little.
Actually I can get it if for less than $.50 ^_^ But I was just wondering about it's life. Because really when it's "bad" it's like using water on your face. So that's why I was curious to see how long it lasts, but thanks!
Ebony - Sorry if I came across as rude.. I just checked the exp. date on a bottle of hydrogen peroxide I've had in my cabinet for well over a year and it expires May 2004. So, I suppose it's good for up to 4 or 5 years. And, by the way, you're right about the price, it still has the sticker on it and it was $.50.

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what does it do?
Hi Somepersons,
It kills anerobic bacteria in the same manner as the white blood cells do. BP does the same thing.
_______be blessed
Oh no freeatlast, you didn't come across as rude at all Heck, usually I do splurge on peroxide heh.

But thanks on the info. Because I had a bottle that didn't have a expiration date, so that's why I was curious. Because I've heard that it's quick to go "bad" (well not bad, but basically no more bubbles heh).

But thanks again!
The official answer is that it goes bad six months after you open the bottle. The real answer is that it will be good for several years. When there is no expiration date this means that the company has proved to the FDA that the unopened product is stable for at least three years.

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Hey Ebony,

Is it working well as a spot treatment?

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