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I am in my mid-20's and took two full doses of accutane when I was in my early-20's with-in a year...My acne came back with each one..I have inherited the gene for cystic adult acne from my grandfathers and it has only occured on my face...My acne is completely under control only exception being my PMS days I will get 1or2 small papules...I found that accutane is not going to help you if you do not have a good skin care regime and there is a small possibility that the side affects of accutane will occur...such as infertility! Something my doctor and I are now experiencing....I have had better results with a skin care regime that consist of products that constantly are exfoliating my skin 24hrs. a day and that moisturizer they are powerful in the aha/sal...and glycolic family but I look great...also I had co2 laser on my shallow pits twice and you can hardly believe that I had such horrible acne. This is just food for thought and drinks alot of water at least 2liter or more a day....

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