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I have oily skin and I want to try the egg yolk mask on my face before going to sleep at night. I have a few questions about this...
a.) How many minutes do you leave the mask on your face?
b.) What do I use to rinse off this mask? Do I need to use "soap and water" OR rinse using "water" only?
c.) Will it clog my pores if I rinse with WATER only?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Leave it on just long enough to dry - about 10 minutes.

You can rinse it off water.

It will not clog your pores.

Hi, This is my story. I have suffered from acne from the age of 12, I am now 36. When I was 18 My doctor put me on Mincycline, it kept me clear while I was on it. I then had two children at the age of 22 and 24 and suffered from chronic acne. During this time all I used was topical creams. By the time I was 26 the acne had developed into cystic acne all over my face and I felt desperate. My doctor put me on a course of tetracycline to clear the infection and referred me to the hospital dermatologist. He agreed I had developed bad cystic acne and after two weeks of blood tests and questions put me on the right dose of Roaccutane for my weight. My skin dried, my lips dried I got cold sores, and I couldn,t wear contact lenses. I saw my consultant every two weeks and had blood test every two weeks to check my liver functions and after twelve weeks of treatment my skin was very dry but completely clear. For the following 8 years I have led a normal life. But November 2001 I had my first cystic attack on my left cheek bone. Doctor gave me Doxycycline and it cleared up in two weeks, but 1 month later it happened again ( this time it's showing signs of being hormonal). Back to the doctors again for another course of Doxcycline. I am now considering going for roacutane again. I found this notice board and have been relieved there are others like me! Through reading the different notices I am now applying egg yolk to my skin at night (3rd night tonight) for a month as suggested by one sufferer and I am also taking a vitamin B complex I am also taking Dianette ( Diane 35). I will keep you posted on the successes and failures.

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I have tried the egg yolk mask earlier. I left it on my face for about 15 minutes. WOW... it was so hard to rinse the egg yolk off my face cause it was so greasy.. hehe. I washed and massaged my face using only my hands and lukewarm water. It took a while to get it off completely. But it was worth it. My face is much smoother now. hehe.

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