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I am 26 year old female suffering from mild but stubborn acne. Soemtimes I get large zits that never form a head but remain on my face a long time-these are the bumps that leave the horrible red marks that take so long to go away. Of course, I always have minor breakouts on my chin also and rarely have a clear complexion. My doctor just prescribed me minocylcine 100 mg day and benzaclin. I have a couple of questions.
The Benzaclin has dryed out my face so much-it feels like sandpaper. I expected this. Will this get better with treatment or will my face continue to be red, irritated, and dry as long as I'm using the benzaclin?
Also, did anyone experience diarrhea while on the minocycline? Also, I have a large bump on my cheek right now-it's not going away any time soon and will probably leave a red mark. I have a wedding to go to and am starting a new job-does anyone know about cortizone shots? Do they reall work? Also I say some post that said after a cortizone shots an indention in the skin can appear? Does this happen frequently? Has anyone tried the Clearlight System? I am interested in results? Sorry for all the questions but am interested...

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