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Hey there, I have been on B5 for about a week but I've been pretty awkward in my use of it. I started off with 5 grams then went down to 1 gram because fo what i read in a health book where it says to have 100mg a day. Today I took only one 500mg pill. I apply 100% Aloe Vera Gel on my acne (shoulders, chest, back, neck and face) after I shower and about an hour before I goto bed. A few days ago I got a breakout on my face that I havnt gotten in quite a few months. About 5-6 semi-painful pimples on my face. Some white and some brown. I never get the brown ones so i noticed that right away... any significance behind this?

My Day:

1) Take Vitamin B5 (500mg now) , Vitamine E (400UI), Zinc (25mg), Acidopholus (1 pill), B-Complex Vitamin (1 pill)

2) Excercise (20-30mins), Take Shower (I wash my hair with my head down to avoid chemicals affecting my body acne)Dry myself then apply 100% Fruit o the Earth Aloe Vera Gel lightly with my hands all over my affected parts. Air Dry.


3) Take another Zinc (25mg), Acidopholus (1 pill)

4) Apply Aloe Vera Gel once again about an hour before I goto bed.

Diet Changes:

1) I Drink Pure Water throughout the day (2 litres approx)
2) More Raw Fruit in my diet
3) No Dairy Products (Milk, cheese etc)
4) Cutting down on cooked foods


Is there anything significant I am doing incorrectly? I checked all my vitamins for Iodine and found nothing. I have heard such good things about Aloe Vera Gel and I know I need to be using it for a longer time but I wonder where my breakout is coming from? I know B5 users have had this before but I am on such a low dose... any criticism on what I should do? Any changes I should make?

Thankyou all for reading.


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