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Acne Home Remedies
Jul 25, 2002
Here are various home remedies that I have collected over the past year that I have been faced with acne problems. Results will vary. At least one of these should prove effective for your skin. Some of them will onl be effective for uncomplicated acne or just the occassional pimple (such as remedy #1). It doesn't hurt to give these remedies a try, you might be suprised at how effective some of them are! Have fun and good luck!

1. I get rid of a pimple completely overnight, or about 1 to 2 days, (depending on how severe the blemish). Pop your pimple. by sliding the edge of something, across it, and poping it. Then 1/4 fill your sink with warm water, and pour about a half cup of salt to the water. Take a cotton ball or cotton square or round, and soak it in the salty water for about 30 seconds, moving it around in the water getting it good and salty. Take it out and squeeze out the water. Apply the cotton ball to pimple, and push down. if it doesn't tingle, put more salt on the cotton ball. When it does tingle, push down for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, DO NOT WASH OFF THE SALT THAT STAYS ON YOUR FACE!!! Take Some honey and drop it on a Q-tip. Apply honey to pimple and leave on for 15 mintes.After 15 min is up, rinse off with water. Then apply a dab of toothpaste and leave overnight... That's it!!! Odd i know, but i works!!

2. To zap a zit overnight, apply toothpaste to the area before bed

3. To rid redness from a big pimple, pop 2 advil; it gets rid of the inflammation

4. If you have inflamed pimples or are experiencing redness, try rubbing in some eye drops like Visine. It will help reduce inflaming and redness.

5. Take an egg and crack it over the sink and let the white of the egg go into a bowl; use the white to dab on your pimple. Leave on overnight or for 20 minutes. It should help suck out the nasty stuff in that pimple

6. Remedy for oily skin: make a homemade mask by combining one egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply mask and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes

7. For softer skin, steam your face over boiling water (drape a towel over head to hold in steam); remove dead skin with a loofah, drink lots of water

8. To rid blackheads, mix cornstarch with vinegar, plaster on the area for 15-30 minutes; wash off with washcloth and warm water.

9. Put cold, cooked oatmeal on your face, it can help give you nicer skin.

10. Make a salt and olive oil mixture. It makes your skin smooth and the salt exfoliates.

11. Rub garlic on the affected area twice a day. Even though it smells bad, it works nicely!

12. Dab pure vanilla on pimples. It will dry them up quickly.

13. Dab vinegar on pimples. It will do the same as the vanilla. Also try putting baking soda on after the vinegar, it will chemically react, and you'll get a buring sensation, it can hurt ALOT, especially if you have sensitive skin. Be careful!

14. Slice a raw potato into thin pieces. Rub onto affected areas. Effects will be felt immediately.

15. Wash your face with dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders. Before bed, dab the shampoo onto pimples.

16. Blot hydrogen peroxide onto affected areas with a swab. Let dry. Keep reapplying whenever you want, results should be visible in no time!

17. Mix oatmeal and water. Blend into a paste. Apply like a mask. Oatmeal is drying, so don't leave the mask on too long. Afterwards, your skin should be in better condition.

18. Rub a cut strawberry onto your face. Strawberries have anti-oxidants that help clear up acne.

I do not guarantee any of these. Not all of these remedies are mine either. They are gathered from friends and other websites. I will share more if there is an interest.

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