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Thanks, calredhead. I'm sorry that Accutane didnt work a second time for you...I don't really have a problem with acne anymore [although little bumps were starting to come back...] It's mostly with SUPER oily skin.

Reeny: My eyes went completely back to normal after my first course of Accutane. Actually, all of my side effects vanished except for chapped lips. Grr.

Beginning of Week: Two
Dosage: 40mgs a day
Side effects so far: Skin has been extremely dry and sensitive. I think this is because I didn't use Cetaphil cleanser right away. I was lazy and continued to use my Noxema cleanser [it has moisturizers, but it also has Menthol]. I'm now using Cetaphil and my skin isn't red anymore, but it's still extremely dry. It's still oily in a few areas, too. My hair has been kind of itchy.
Condition of skin: Skin is still oily, but tight and flakey and rough feeling. Acne has cleared, but I'm still waiting for an initial breakout. I remember this happened on my first round of Accutane...
Anything else: Nope!

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